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फागुन आया उड़ रहा

अबीर और गुलाल
होली में सब मस्त हुए

किसका पूछे हाल

बसंती रंगो मे डूबे

खिला हास परिहास

फागुन में मदमस्त हुए सब

छाया उल्लास
सरसों फूली टेसू महका
खिला हरसिंगार
पीली चुनर ओढ़कर
प्रकृति ने किया श्रृंगार .

Impact of polluted water on health


Although water is life saviour, but in some of the states in India polluted water has caused health hazards and increased number of cancer cases. In rural Punjab water has turned into poison because of excess of pesticides in groundwater. A study has been carried out to see the effects of pesticides on the health of villagers and it has some alarming findings which are as follows.

· Evidence of genetic damage in some cases.
· DNA mutations in 65% of the blood samples.
· Significantly high rate of miscarriages among women and slow growth in children.
· High concentration of heavy metals such as mercury, copper, cadmium, chromium and lead in drinking water. Evidence of these metals entering the food chain.
· Pesticides detected in vegetables, blood as well as human and cattle milk.
· Gastrointestinal skin, eye, dental and bone problems significantly higher in these areas compared with villages not in proximity of drai…